Welcome to the The Cyclones WikiaEdit

Learn about The Cyclones series quick and easy. Meet the characters, get sneak peaks at the books, and more. Enjoy!

The CyclonesEdit

Step into a new paranormal world. Read the history of Charlie, and then journey down the road with Carlislese. Charlie's period takes place in Trader's Tear, Helping Heck, Eclipsed Error. Carlislese takes control through the books of Cryptic Currents, Yielding Yellow, Constantly Caged, and the newest publish Lonely Lanes. If you think Charlie life was interesting, wait until you read Carlislese's story.

Characters Edit

Enjoy going through the Lyore, the covens, the werewolves, the guardian angels, and more. Each character is unique. Learn their traits, their habits, and their history.

Powers Edit

Paranormal creatures have powers. Enjoy learning the powers, and the creatures who have them.

Extras Edit

Who doesn't love extras? The Extras include sneak peaks to the books, personal details such as Charlie's school schedule, and more. Enjoy getting your fill of the extras.

Latest activityEdit

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