Go through the Lyore, the Covens, the Werewolves, and more! Enjoy interviewing the characters one by one. Updates to come with time, for now Enjoy!

The Lyore Edit

The Lyore is a rich, powerful family based out of Latina, Italy. The first three books, Trader's Tear, Helping Heck, and Eclipsed Error they are the villains. Though with the birth of their beloved Carlislese, they change. Sort of. Learn about them, and their history. Enjoy.

The Covens Edit

All over the world there are covens. The lovable Dragos being one of them. Learn all about the covens, their members, their powers, and more. Each coven is different from the next. From their locations, to names, to abilities- each coven is different in its own way. Enjoy meeting them.

Demons Edit

What do you think about when you hear the word demon? Do you think of Lucifer and his minions or someone made out darkness? In The Cyclones, how about both? There are two different demon types in The Cyclones. One of which is Lucifer and his minion. The other is are known as Nomad demons. Enjoy meeting every single demon.

Guardian Angels Edit

Where there is demons, there is angels. Though these angels are different from the angels you known. They live on Earth, and they have human traits. Though what makes an angel different from the next angel, it is power and color. Their power and color are tied to each other. Guardian Angles are enemies you don't want, and friends you will want to hold dear to you. Enjoy meeting them one on one.

Werewolves Edit

To complete the raging war between two species, you need the two teams. One being the vampires, in this case the Covens and the Lyore, and the being the werewolves. Werewolves are all of the world, just like vampires. Werewolves run in packs, and prefer to stay in their territory. One pack, so far, is from Scotland and another from Michigan, USA. Enjoy meeting each member of these two lovely packs.

Humans Edit

There is always the innocents- the humans. Go through and meet the humans. Some of which knew Charlie, and others that know Carlislese. Each human is different, and impacts Charlie or Carlislese in their own special way. Enjoy.

Other Paranormal Creatures Edit

There as some paranormal creatures that are slowly disappearing. These include fairies, witches, shape shifters, and hybrids. Many of the other paranormal creatures are designed after real people. Hope you enjoy meeting them.

More to come....